From the Founder

My name is Victoria, and I have been helping people achieve their best lives for over 20 years. I helped others get the life they wished for without knowing that it was called coaching. And I healed without knowing I was healing. Only when I received feedback from clients and friends did I realise there may be some energy behind my work.


But like most of us especially being the child of African parents the route to a “successful life” was to study and go to university. I eventually ended up heading major political and strategic projects worldwide whilst been based in the UK. My biggest portfolio to date was half a billion pounds and I honestly loved what I did. I thought it was my calling. I knew I had a skill and I was always intrigued by how I intuitively worked my way up a very short ladder achieving six figures within a couple of years in the corporate world. 


All that said, I always felt something was missing. With everything money could buy, I felt unfulfilled. And I had the mindset of a pauper. In my mind, there was never enough money! My limiting beliefs around conditions never being good enough kept on resurfacing. And I became restless. I have since come to call that restlessness the caterpillar phase. It is the restlessness and pain you feel before you emerge as a beautiful butterfly capable of formidable creations. 

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